Mixed coffee roaster machine for natural coffee and coffee with sugar roasting by double drum roaster.Inside the superior drum is produced the coffee roasting like a traditional machine, by hot air roasting system called indirect flame. At the end of the roasting cycle, the coffee is discharged directly in the cooling Tray of the machine. For the coffee with sugar coffee roasting, inside the superior drum is produced the pre-roasting coffee, then the coffee is discharged into the inferior drum where is realized the sugar injection in the final roasting cycle. Unlike the superior drum, the inferior drum works by irradiation called direct flame. Coffee roasting completely evenly for both natural coffee than coffee with sugar. Load capacityfrom60/60 Kg to120/120 Kg of green coffee Roasted coffee production from 240 Kg/h to 500 Kg/h. Integrated system for fume or smoke treatment provided. Totally automatic labor system
Type VTM
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